Saturday, August 20, 2011

Social dating etiquette.

"If you wanna have some fun
Track me down, and get my number
You could be the one (Something on your mind)"

You see, the thing is, I don't give out my number to people that easily. What's more when it comes to a total stranger.

You met a guy online, you chatted and there's no obligation to exchange the contact details if you are not comfortable in doing so. If you are not impressed on the very first impression, then clearly it indicates only one thing - move on to the next one.

It irritates you when the guy keeps on asking for the mobile number over and over again when you have said no during the initial request. I mean, you already have my MSN, why can't we just communicate there first ?

And then there were few guys were like "Hey, you are online ! How come you didn't come chat with me ?" What the...if there's like 30 people online in my contact list, I must go on and greet every single one of them ?

I repeat, Social Media is a choice and not an obligation.

Trust me, I'll give when I am ready. There's no point being pushy, if we clicked, it will come naturally.


Mr ET said...

Totally agree!!!!

Danny said...

hey .. can i have ur contact? lol ;p

Twohornschild said...

Very much agreed, Earn it if you want.

thompsonboy said...

forget about this disgusting app

Deicidal said...

I've given my number out before, but it was on gut instinct. It's worked so far. I've not been bugged yet.

Chen Xing said...

@Whizkid: Welcome back commenting, am still waiting for your match-making effort.


@Danny: Can, email me and I shall give you in private.


@two horns child: They make it seems oh-so-easy. Sometimes, things just can't be forced.

@thompsonboy: Lol, I was really referring to that particular app. Just the context of it.

But then not quite sure as I never really have the app.

@Deicidal: Hmm, you sure you gave the correct one ?

Chen Xing said...


@thompsonboy: I wasn't really referring to that particular app.