Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is official. My opening number.

You know how I''ve always wanted to be in drag. After 6 rounds of watching the performance, I think I am ready. Inspired well enough, and this song no doubt portrays the elemental essence about my life and more importantly about my own show as well.

Lip-syncing to it, feeling grand and powerful. Fab and owning the stage.

Is my life always about finding a relationship, heartbreak and flings which will always lead to desperation/depression ?

Viva la Drag Queens.

Nah, just kidding. Do enjoy the song below.

Deborah Cox - Play Your Part

Can you pretend to be the man I should have been with
Can we fake the life you know I should have had
Can we do a better job of pretending that you really care
Or I’ll have to give the part to someone else

You seem to have an important part
The lead role of my heart
You played it well along time ago
Until I started falling in love
And then you changed your character
And avoided all of your lines
Now the man I love is gone now
Can you play his part at this time

Love is like a see saw it takes two in order for it to work
I’m working hard, I’m playing my part but the scene still won’t work

And rehearsals are long because your timing is all wrong
So I’ll find someone who loves me
And who can play your part for life
I deserve a lot better than this
And I’m tired of acting like it’s okay for me to give you my love
And receive nothing back in return


Danny said...

can i be your back-up dancer?
but i oso want nice nice costume wor... lol ;p

Deicidal said...

wow that song really has drag written all over! hahaha

the viennamese said...

You do drag? Wow. Can I come watch? :)

ooi2009 said...

would u "play" with me?

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: I don't mind, you can actually take center-stage in between the show.


@Deicidal: I am done memorizing the lyrics already.


@Vin: Lol, no...not really. I gain most of my inspirations from drag performances.


@ooi2009: Didn't know that you fancy a tranny. Hehe...