Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hooray !!!

Am going back to home sweet home again. A week off work, definitely the perfect moment to spend it with family and close friends.

This time around I'm going to indulge in economical comfort food, and Penang is abundant of it. Going out to be seen in the social scene.

Oh my, just can't wait to be back home. All smile now, and packing will be done soon.

For now, off I go to club.


Danny said...

must at least show face at the market before heading back to hometown huh? lo ;p

Pluboy2 said...

hmm u brought ur laptop back home kan? cos i've got work for u to do! :P

ooi2009 said...

i can follow ah

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Lol, yup.

@Takashi: Got. Have you emailed me the details yet ?

@ooi2009: Can, why not.