Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's an open sea out there.

Cast your net wide, and be sure to get a good catch.

Once in a while, a good bait will ease the process. Attractive bait, Yummy bait and Those-who-knows-how-to-play bait will be temptingly enough to hook a perfect catch in the sea of a perfect storm. Thus fastening the "hook and bait" game.

Pull, and let go. Release, and follow the wave of the ocean.

The force must be controlled, exerting the right amount of pressure when baiting. For sure, a lot of patience is needed in this game of love called fishing.

Indeed an open sea out there.

Big enough to sink us down, and once you are lost at it, you will be in the deep blue sea - forever blue. Mood swings to dark sombre joy with the sadness echoing like a screeching sound of sonar signal.

Oh my, you have turned yourself into an Anglerfish. No light to guide, but then all these while the light is on your head. Trying to swim to the surface, but then halfway through you are lacking of energy. No drive for the comfort of the sunny ray at the surface.

You see, when you are thrown into the deep blue ocean or you are just merely floating atop, where on Earth do you find the ideal spot to fish ? Plankton help, but then they are too concentrated and they make it too easy.

What are the odds ? Look in the Social Networking Site ? Club more often ? Be louder personally ? Get out there to the scene and be seen ? Definitely one hell of an area where no map can guide you to it.

I am totally aware of the end goal of this game: to get hook with the right guy. But then, where do I look ?

Damn !


Leo Nut said...

On the same quest as you.
So far, no bites where im fishing... Shall wait.. :P

tuls said...

wah... so much science kat dalam.. plankton la.. anglerfish la.. power siut!! i like!!! too abstract jor.. go out there and: hi my name is so and so, do you wanna go out on a date!

like that ma.. dont need to hide hide all.. shy shy scare this one bad that one bad.. try liao if ok then continue.. if bo syiok then you also will get the signal de ma.. try everything.. dont limit yourself.. we usually wont get the ones that we like but sometimes the ones that we dont like happens to be unexpectedly awesome so.. take a chance :) you boomz!

chaiminhuei said...

Totally in the same predicament. Don't give up!

Danny said...

a very lame advise :
dun look, just let it be.. LOL ;p
( dun slap me ;p )

ooi2009 said...

tuls , we havent done it in a while u know .......chen xing .....why are u so thin???????????????????????

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: Make sure you are using the right kind of bait, alright ?

@tuls: Nothing rocket science. I am just too shy.


But then I will not give up.

Anyway, will bump into you this Saturday.

@chaiminhuei: You too !

@Danny: Sigh, at times I feel like giving. At times, I feel like wanting someone.

@ooi2009: Huh ? How you know that I am thin ?