Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desperate. Or should I even be embarrassed to even share this.

Could have seen it all coming.

The excessive good food the past week, has resulted the above. Yes, and I am not sure whether it's the taste or simply substituting the void in me.

I've been eating non stop and at times, I even doubled up the amount of the food that I am eating.


It rained in the evening, and I've decided to nap. I woke up, and realized that I dreamt of being in a relationship with a porn star. No quite sure from which gay porn which I have watched before, but then he's one hell of an Asian hottie.

Surprisingly, I am just so happy and comfortable being with him. No worries and all happily ever after, that's of course only in my dream.

Aiks, can really tell now that the sub-conscious me is much more desperate than the real me. Was that a sign for me to work harder and put in more effort ?

Signs, dreams. How do I interpret you.

So, I ate and I napped. And that's a Sunday to me.


Leo Nut said...

haha, it must be a hell of an awesome dream!! Anyways.. My sunday was eat and internet.. lol! We are all in the same boat..

p.s. The word verification for this was "mandrop" LOLOL!!

Danny said...

eat n nap.. a very normal sunday activity :)
do tell me the details of ur dreams when we meet ok? lol ;p

tuls said...

i love that song...

chaiminhuei said...

My dreams are getting weirder too recently. Hmmm...

J-boy said...

Yeah Danny is right. These are normal Sunday activities haha!

And recently I've been (day) dreaming about this super hot and cute hunk at the gym who was standing next to me in a class!!!!

I think it's good to dream about a hot man every now and then!! It keeps the erm.. imagination and sexual energy running :P

Ninja said...

Heyo just drop by and say hi. :)

Mariah Carey is just too awesome, one of my all-time favourite!

Ash Godiva said...

You Eat,You Nap,You Fat

ooi2009 said...

dun dream abt a porn star.They only can last in movies . Look at vin's case . Looks dun matter .

P/S : can i be ur dream lover ?.

the viennamese said...

Omg I wish I had a dream being with an Asian porn star!! Jealoussss...... Hahaha.

the viennamese said...

Oits.. What la this ooi.. Using me as an example! Ishhh!! Mau kena hentam ka? Hahah..

Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): Let's hope that tonight I'll be dreaming of men dropping down like a rain.

Perhaps, with It's Raining Men as the soundtrack.


@Danny: Sure. Hehe...

@tuls: Me too. Are you going to cover that song as well ?

@chaiminhuei: I think that weird dremans are caused by stress. True ?

@J-boy: Ya ya. Hehe, at least your day-dream may come true as you have seen him standing next to you before.

Why don't you make the first move ?

@KanKanD: Hi there, thanks for dropping by.

People won't call her diva for no reason.


@Ash Godiva: That's the thing with me. High metabolism rate. I so want to put on extra few kilos, but then just so not happening.

@ooi2009: I thought you have just asked me no to dream ? Are you as hot as the porn star ?

@Ev. C: Don't be. Watch more porn, and they will come to you. Gay porn ya.


Lol !!!