Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the Independence Day again.

What does this day means to you ? Does it really translate to the word freedom ?

After 54 years of development, I am still afraid to come out, I still can't really be myself in public and the saddest part is that homosexuality is still not legal in this country.

It's as if  a sin for me to be gay. Honey politicians, I was born with homosexuality in me.

Anyway, Merdeka to my country and may we enjoy another year of the political dramas play by you. Indeed, what a show.

Thanking you for a job well-done and keep it up !


Deicidal said...

homosexuality isn't illegal. sodomy is. technical difference, i know. but it's becoming less of an issue in the country nowadays, compared to the olden days.

Doesn't make me wanna leave the country any less though.

Leo Nut said...

I know right!? HOW CAN STILL ME ILLEGAL?? Guess we have to wait... Happy merdeka! :P

Alee said...

I am one who has left the country. I am from older generation and compare to you young ones it is much more acceptable nowadays.

Chen Xing said...

@Deicidal: True, but then the way it's being portrayed here is as if it's a sin to be born this way.

@Klex: Yup, that's the thing with us. Always waiting, never being wanted.


@Alee: True. So, where are you now ?

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog.


Anonymous said...

section 377A of the Penal Code literally means that anal/oral sex between men is illegal, so technically, if you're gay and got caught doing anal / oral sex with your partner, you'll be prosecuted. but the code is silent on same-sex it doesn't really say being in a same-sex relationship is illegal. our law is very flawed and needs to be amended, but the powers that be will never agree to it.

Chen Xing said...

@ryane: Thanks for the explanation. And thank you for dropping by to my humble blog.