Friday, May 13, 2011

I can (take it in). I love (taking it in). Especially when it's from you.

Enjoyed the moment very much.

When it comes to that, for you, I will.

And then you said: I saw the expression on your face, felt you grabbing both of my arms.

The signature orgasmic grip.

Ouch ! Sorry for it had hurt you as it's just a grip of excitement, joy. Holding you, I felt the inner security.

Sorry, if I had squeezed too tight.

Moaning without sound.

Closeness of body, sparking the passion.

You ended with: When we do it again, I will show it to you then.

Crossing fingers, hoping that we will do it again.


Lucifer said...

why do i have to read this when i m so desperate? haha

J-boy said...

Finally blogger is back!
But it wiped out comments from some posts!

I wanted to say:
hahaha.. such an intimate moment huh ;)

- a L E x - said...

so intense *_*

tuls said...

erm.... is this number 2?

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Yup and don't really know what happened to it.

It's love-making, got to have high level of intimacy.


@-aLEx-: Hehehe...

@tuls: I think you are referring to the alphabet B right ?

ooi2009 said...

i would like to take a steady grip on ur rod , sorry , i mean penis

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: Really ? You are making me shy now...