Friday, May 20, 2011

Babe or Baby.

It's like plucking the petals on the roses, one by one, trying to figure out what does it really mean to me. The more I engage in this kind of act, the more eager I am to question the truth behind the calling of the names.

Let us be honest.

As cute as the picture below. Sometimes, lovely.

Aww...isn't this sweet, babe.
Love it and like it, I just don't mind. Deep down inside, I want it to really happen to me. As in, call me this and ensure that I am who you call. Treat me that way, make me feel that way.

Please mean it.

To some, it can be a casual term in addressing their peers. To others, they take it seriously with those names. Honey, I am the latter one.

Trust me. At times, I really had enough of it and just want to get up, sing and groove to Madison Avenue - Don't Call Me Baby.

So, you can go all out calling me babe or baby, I am fine with it. No problem to that.

If that's the case right, am I allow to call you with some other cute-little-names as well ?

What shall it be then ? You tell me.


tuls said...

CX, i wont call you love anymore.. sorry lor *perasan* i will call you leong leong from now onwards!! :)

Leo Nut said...

Some of my friends(male) started calling me babe when we see each other as a casual name. "long not long"(chinese translation XP)I started calling him babe too.. lol?

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: It's alright. Just call me by my name will do.

@Klex: So I supposed Babe means nothing ? As it's just a casual slang ?

Leo Nut said...

Yea, just a casual slang to me..

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: Ouch. The I supposed I am the one who is over-thinking.

alvin_t said...

Chen Xing - If he calls you babe- he wants you sexually, baby- he cares about you, love- wants you and cares about you.soo dun get fooled by what they sare saying ...

Chen Xing said...

@alvin_t: OMG ! That's so true. Can I just send him this ?