Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A word that is far beyond from interpretation.

Don't think, don't try. Different people, different level of gratification.

I can't really deduce whether I am the kind of person that is easily satisfied, or the other way round. Always, finding myself very ambitious, wanting to achieve all sort of goals in life. Can't really go on to be that away, as too many things to focus will eventually make me out of focus in the tasks that I am simultaneously undertaking.

Not to say that having many dreams can be harmful, but then try not to be all greedy. Pick two or three, start actualizing it. Now !

Sometimes I wonder, people doing small simple stuff and yet they find themselves very happy doing it. Satisfied by the effort, enjoy every moment of it to the fullest. Comparing myself to them, I realized that I can't please myself that easily if I were to do the "small simple" stuff by those people.

Stubborn perhaps. Being challenged ?

Now at a crossroad again, I am stuck to choose between simple or complex to continue this journey called life.

Satisfaction, how ?


tuls said...

human complex being wor.. hai gam ge la.. sometimes we just dont appreciate how blessed we are as compared because we hadnt experience the hardships others did.. oh well.. *hugs*.. hope you find yours soon darl! :)

- a L E x - said...

i'd choose simple xD.

kidz said...

Life is always on going.. maybe its a good thing u dun feel satisfy so easily, keeps life interesting and challenging when u hav something to aim and look forward time to time.. =)

jia you la!

ooi2009 said...

thanks for the advice tuls !

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: Thanks. I mean each will have their own hardship to face, perhaps I consider what I am facing now to be the hardest.

For sure, I don't want to be carrying it to my future.

@-aLEx-: Yup. Less problem, less stress.

@kidz: Thanks. I really need to draw a path to my achievements in life.