Monday, May 9, 2011

That's hot.

Famous, tagline overly used from the oh-so-plastic socialite.

Indeed, the weather, especially the past week has been pretty much like hell. Pinching-ly irritating in the afternoon, sinfully disturbing at night and burning hot 24/7.

Help, I am having a Hot flash !!!

Was chatting with a dear friend of mine, and half way through the conversation, I asked "Imagine having sex with your boyfriend right now, in this hour with this temperature" "No air-condition, no cooler, just hot plain sex. Will you ?"

For sure by the time you are done with the session, the bed will be soaking wet, body will be covered with sticky sweat and tell me, happy or even worst ?

It's hot, still want to cuddle ?



- a L E x - said...

Miss those times when 'The simple life' was still in production xD...

It sounds sexy hot and steamy....would give it a try xD

tuls said...

i wont enjoy! period. i need cold con!

Chen Xing said...

@-aLEx-: Used to watch it at one moment.

Go try, spill details later on.


@tuls: Then what if you are like stranded in the desert, then how ? No sex ?