Tuesday, May 31, 2011

True love kiss.

Fairy-tales, and dream come true.

Snow white and the poison apple, revived by a prince through a kiss.


Sleeping beauty and the cursed spindle, also revived by a prince through a kiss.

So, can you really conclude whether a guy is really into you or weather he is just another fling/fun session through a kiss. Seal it with a kiss ! Trust me, if a guy is really into you, he will really kiss without hesitation.

You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your handsome prince.

Mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue. Not breaking any curse or reviving any princess, but then just passionate kissing to foster a long lasting relationship.

I have tried once with a guy, and he was really reluctant to lock lips with me. So till today, I question his intention.

Is it true then ? Can you really tell by just a kiss ?

So, once and for all, kiss me !


Leo Nut said...

I havent had a proper kiss before.. :(
Kiss me is one of the best songs!!! XP

ah Giap 阿业 said...

maybe not the 1st kiss but u will find it later

and ,kiss can tell u the relationship's status as well :-)

ooi2009 said...

oh klex , just shut up and kiss me!

and chen , just bone me!

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: You will one day. Don't be sad, it's just a matter of time.


@ah Giap 阿业: Quite true. Agree, agree.

@ooi2009: Are you hot ? Lol...bone you ? Can you handle ?


alvin_t said...

brit also got teach ...
Cross my heart and hope to die
Keep me secret me & you
And seal it with a kiss

Chen Xing said...

@alvin_t: The phrases are from which song ?

R said...

hmmm from my exp, not everyone kisses the same.

some are more willing to give passionate kisses to everyone they are 'close' with, some only keep the passionate kiss for their one and only.

Chen Xing said...

@Robb: Hi there ! I supposed I would prefer those men who keep the passionate kiss for their special someone only.


Pluboy2 said...

Kiss, pecks, or lips kiss. I read all three differently.

And oh the friends type of kiss.

Chen Xing said...

@Takashi: Friends type of kiss...and I wonder how it feels like...