Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Show me a bed, and I'll lie down for you.

What happens next will remain a history.

I'll keep it in my heart the moment with you, and you will remember the way you hold me lovingly. Ssshhh...don't tell anyone. This is our special moment, our secret.

The perfect moment a couple could have. Making love till the dawn of sunlight. Passionately, kissing each other like a newly formed love bird, caressing each other like how a wind would blow through the meadow of a green grass and engaging in a gentle but yet orgasmic love making session like how the scorching sun would shine upon the running streams of river.

Actively fast, but a cool joyful moment that is to die for. Chemistry connected I would say.

The experience was just so intense and good. And good things happening to you, you share it with the closest friends of yours. One or two, or the whole wide world. It's just up to you.

I am sorry, I can't keep the dirty little secret of ours.

I told my friends of the experience with you, I told new strangers of the experience with you. I am excited as when I think of the moment, I don't know how to conclude. No, I just don't want to end the happy moment with you. And by me eagerly describing it over and over again, I am as if reliving the love making session with you one more time.

That's me.

I share good things with friends, I am transparent. Happier being this way, single simple identity is what I opt for. I just don't play pretend.  Like it or not, I keep no secrets till the record is set straight.

Ich bin mir absolut klar.

Hence, this is my private story to my private life.


Le Chatelier said...

It's not so private here. LOL

- a L E x - said...

Congrats!! :D

*psst psst~ Share more ok? *-* *

Skyhawk said...

Wish to see your new love relationship blossom, cheers!

J-boy said...

Haha well I'm glad you are sharing,
because I like to hear about juicy stuff like this :P

Lucifer said...

walau eh...why all ur private stories seem sound so much more gempak than mine? lol. jealous.

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Lol, I supposed not.

@-aLEx-: Congrats ? Am just merely sharing, nothing to celebrate yet.

*psst psst...Ok. Will reveal more in future...

@Skyhawk: Crossing fingers, and playing along with the flow !!!

@J-boy: Ooo..ok. I will and at the same time, can't wait to hear yours.


@Lucifer: Not really, nothing to be jealous about.