Monday, May 16, 2011

I said Hi ! You said Hi !

It doesn't matter who said it first, as I can't really remember.

Nice knowing you, care to intro more ?

That's the norm in every start of the conversation, without knowing where it will lead us to. All in mind, we hope that it will take us to greater heights. Something which will end with happiness in mind.

Age, sex, location and role ? Aptly in short, ASL please ?

That's when we get to know each other a little more personal. Sometimes, we have a hard time to reveal while sometimes, we just fake it for the sake of it. Fun continues, quest goes on.

I have done the above, countless of time. Most of the time, interest fades away halfway through the process. While sometimes, I sort of complete the steps.

Questions is, once you sort of completed the process, how do you maintain an organic conversation from time to time ?

  • Do you go on interact with that person every other alternate days ?

  • Do you share with that person good/bad news which you encounter ?

  • Do you create random topic, for the sake of keeping in-touch ?

  • Do you go fall head-over-heels for this person ? or

  • Do you feel sad whenever that person tries to move away from you ?

It doesn't matter as I will still be who I am. And one day, trust me that one day things will be different as I am always the optimistic one.



J-boy said...

Haha I happen to be at this point right now. Exactly.
It's like we've run out of things to say. But i do like him :P

Is the next part sex? hahaha

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: No ! Don't initiate until he starts first. If can, don't give till he really really loves you.

At least that's what I learnt.

Pluboy2 said...

u interact with me every other day and yet we still bitch so much!

hahaha i guess when it comes to chatting, it will be more relax with a friend than a love interests.. cos with friends, there is no investment!! :)