Monday, May 2, 2011

A long weekend.

First of May on a Sunday, making Monday a replacement holiday.

Wanted to go back home, but then decided to stay on to prepare the presentation materials for work tomorrow.

Damn it work !

Didn't go anywhere. In fact, spent most of the time at home doing house chores. 2 weeks of laundry, mopping and cleaning. Which till now, I have yet to change the covers of my bedding.

I went clubbing, and did a little shopping spree. And yet, still find myself not fully equipped with the phrase "happy". Am I not truly enjoying the long weekend that was given to me ?

I wonder why.

We chatted almost very frequent the past weekend, you and me, taking turns initiating the chat. Sorry, that I sort of asked you the wrong question and slightly frustrated you a little over on a chat we had few nights ago. You seems friendlier and more engaging now. I like it, as the warmth in you makes me smile.

Maybe I should have just gone back home as that would make my weekend a happy one. Would then be able to meet up with you, though I know that it's for a short moment.

At least, I got to see you rather than now, me longing for your presence so badly.

Hey, at least we are still keeping in touch with each other.


J-boy said...

Long weekends are better than regular weekends, no matter how you spend it.

Kind of emo now due to the upcoming Tuesday blues... :(

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: It's ok. See, it's now Wednesday.

How's your Tuesday anyway ?

Skyhawk said...

Hmmmm...ppl is potentially in a relationship or already in? Cheers

Pluboy2 said...

hehehe.. so who's this guy?

Chen Xing said...

@Skyhawk: Hmmm...not revealing any details yet.

@Takashi: This guy ? I would say someone that I like and admire...


Pluboy2 said...

so like.. who is he..? what does he do? how is he like? name? pic? age? height? weight?

J-boy said...

hahaha my Tuesday was alright actually.. so glad it's thursday now,

becoz after that it's Friday Friday, everybody's looking forward to the weekend weekend! :P

Oh yeah, so who's the mystery man? ;)

Chen Xing said...

@Takashi: Hehe..this guy is cute, sweet at times, adorable most of the time.


@J-boy: Mystery man ? That's the thing with him, he likes to stay low profile.