Saturday, April 23, 2011

I thought it will be alright after this week.

Somehow, the feeling is still buried deep down in me

Perhaps it's proven that I over-worked myself and I just can't take in anymore stress, depression and unhappiness in the work that I am doing now.

If I am not happy, or I am feeling worried about work (though it's after the working hours), that's the clear sign that I need a new environment.

To make matter worst, now it has been revealed that I needed to attend a 3 months workshop, sacrificing the Saturdays (9am - 5pm) that I have from May till August. I just don't want anymore problems.

I don't like the word "compulsory" to be used upon me. Don't want to add one more "duty" to the jobs that I am undertaking. Attending the workshop would means that I will have to forgo any external opportunities in the near future as this will bind me for another 12 months.

Damn ! Not giving me any options, no choice but I will have to resort to...

*Pa, if you are hearing me, please give your son a little more strength to overcome this.


tuls said...

*pa* yes son, i can hear you... go to go print a FU, burn it then drink then you will be alright ok!! i bless you!!


justin k said...

Ironically, at this moment, I want someone to tell me what to do and what not to do. It's like I need a mandatory seal to be put right in front of me to actually get me working, because the freedom I've been granted to interpret my work has somehow caused an adverse effect on my creativity and ability to make decisions. We always crave for what's not given to us. But I know you'll get through it fine. I know just how strong you are with what you've been coping so far.

Chen Xing said...

@tuls: the end, I will still have to make the decision.

@justin k: Thanks. I will survive this. Big risk that I am taking.