Thursday, November 7, 2013

Happy Birthday !!!

To me.

A year wiser now, and somewhat it's been a fulfilling week I would say.

Got myself personal birthday present, and it's money well spent. Now, let's see in few months time what will change.


Not my cake. But it's nicely decorated.

As for my birthday. It's a some sort a moderate one.

Lunch treat, and a present from a colleague. Then it was dinner with my lovely house-mates (yup, my other family).

Have yet to blow on birthday cakes, sensing that celebration will come in few days time hopefully with cake and candles too.


p.s. Starting tomorrow, there will be "sponsored" blog entry being posted occasionally. Was being approached, and why not. If it can drive traffic to their site then I don't mind to give a helping hand. And if you guys want to exchange link/contribute post or blog entries - drop me an email. 


Anonymous said...

I want to feature some sponsored blog on my page too. but so far no one ever approach me yet. lol

are-5th said...

happy birthday chen xing! turns out we are fellow november babies after all!

Da Closet Guy said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!

Twohornschild said...

I'm so sorry that i have missed wishing you "happy Birthday". I apologize. Slap me with anything you want. ahahahha.... well... i wish that as you get wiser and wiser ever year your wealth never stops flooding in fertilizing your happiness hence enriching your health AND I'll pray very very hard that your complexion stops aging okay??. lolzz... Happy birthday!!

Chen Xing said...

@I-Zach Olivera: Haha, they will come.


@are-5th: Yup. Err, not quite sure but here wishing you "Happy Birthday / Happy Belated Birthday" to you as well.

@two horns child: No worries. Thanks for the wishes.

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Thank you !