Saturday, November 23, 2013

And yes.

It's always either this or that.

People tend to advice not change yourself and be the person you are not.

Stay true to yourself. Be honest.

There's a fear in me, changing role. Something which I am not really comfortable at it.

I wonder.

Accept the challenge and perform better, or do better in things which I am already know from top to bottom.

What's your say ? Company is putting me in another department, change my role & I am going to report to a new boss.

It's the weekend, I'll give my body & mind a rest. Will think about it soon.


Da Closet Guy said...

Do you have a choice? If no, take it with a positive attitude. My job scope changed early this year and few months back, my boss was transferred to another dept. I have no choice but to take everything as a positive challenge. I'm sure you can get thru the change (:

Mr ET said...

I tot u meant bottom/top punya role @@

Le Chatelier said...

Like wise. Thinking to change or not to change. Oh well, why live life so boring. Bring your torch light bro! Shine light along the way! Lead others as well! Cheers!

Ash Godiva said...

some of your posts sounds misleadingXD

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: "To take it as a positive challenge" that's what my boss said to me.


I will still embrace it, but at the same time looking for a back-up plan as well. Just to be safe...


@Whizkid: Haha, nope. I think I've blogged about that before.

@Le Chatelier: Yup, thanks for the up-lifting comment.

@Ash Godiva: Haha, where got ?