Sunday, November 17, 2013

Others will take the weekends out, being with the great outdoors accompanied by their love ones.

For some, they'll head on down to the nearest mall. A walk through all the shops, eat & dine. A therapy to stay relax.

As for the rest, they prefer a little me time indoors. Reading, taking naps in between & catching up on their favourite TV series.

For me, the past 2 weekends has been pretty much the same, except that there's gym in between.

It's kind of addictive now.

Somewhat, that's the answer to my career situation now.'s a good thing right ?

A brand new working week is starting, and I wonder what sort of decisions I am going to make.

Foreseeing that it's going to be another crazy weeks (at least till end of this month), going to be rushing like mad and hopefully it won't affect gym time.

Signing off now, heading to bed early tonight.


Twohornschild said...

It's good to feeel healthy isn't it? Hahah... I'll give anything to feel busy, and know what to do next, again. Enjoy your life dude.

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Haha, yup. And being healthy is kinda addictive.