Monday, June 24, 2013

Wow !!!

Am I getting lazier ? Not inspired or just plainly nothing worth blogging about ?

Haha, one week and am back.

And there's a reason to it.

Went back home last Wednesday till Sunday. Yup, extended weekend for me and happy as I got to be with family and friends.

Of course it's in the name of the queen, Kumar.

Went to watch her live performance, finally !!!

The Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, was there as well.

Finally, the queen herself, Kumar. Doing her thing as usual, making the crowd laugh.

After that, we chilled for a moment with the company of snow beer. Taste like "ais kacang". Hehe.

Then felt hungry. So headed over to Line-clear Nasi Kandar. Yes, Penang is all about food.

Yummy mutton, lots of curry gravy on the rice.

Spent the next day with a close friend of mine. Headed over to Ben's at Gurney Paragon. I know, I know, it's already a norm here in KL. But I just wanted to try out the ambient there.

Nicely done. Old chapel, turned into restaurant.

Oh ya, it was a belated birthday treat to the deary friend.

Third day was all about food & art.

Had our late brunch at this place called La Cucina. Simply put it, expensive version of Italiannese but with a very rustic/hipster kind of setting

Handmade spaghetti with asparagus and some oink oink in it.


Walked over to nearby art centre. Watched few exhibitions.

The one above was on magazine display.

Walked across to Singapore House, you have this lovely paper flowers welcoming you to the space.

Of course, we drop-by to say hello to this big Pussy. 

Haha, orange fur. Come here kitty, kitty. 

No thanks !


Drove passed the municipal town hall, to be vowed by this piece of art. 

Basically whole lots of bamboo were being woven into the facade of the building.

Very minangkabau and very Indonesian.

Stopped by for Laksa at Penang Road. Chendol stall was packed with customers.

Wrapped the night with mille crepe (durian flavour).

Chit chat, catching up. Sweet moment.

That wraps up my weekend getaway back home.



Twohornschild said...

Simply awesome. I would love such treats.

TZ said...

I noticed nowadays people visiting Penang for its 2 items FOOD and MURAL ;-)

rickycarter93 said...

I live in Penang so long and I never notice there is some nice Italian restaurant! Gimme Details!!!! Definitely gonna go for that pasta!!

Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: You should go pay Penang a visit.


@TZ: Haha, yup. But I think most will still go for the food.

Thanks for dropping by my blog.

@Eric Hah: It's located at Beach Street, opposite China House.

Do go and give it a try.