Sunday, June 2, 2013's June already.

Attended a wedding dinner last night. And it got me into a moment of "day-dreaming".

Oh well, when will I have the moment. To be with someone, taking lovely couple pics together & being at each other's company.

Guess, only time will tell.

Other than the wedding event, this weekend is kinda blah.

Nothing much going on, probably just too lazy to go out.


On a brighter side, been cooking scrumptious meal lately. Those simple healthy meal.

Time consuming, but worth the wait.


Unknown said...

Recently, many ppl get married, went to one too.

Why lazy? Go out and have some fresh air ;)

Twohornschild said...

My healthy meal is always the easiest to prepare. Cause I always choose the ones that require less cooking. LOLZzzzzz.....

Ash Godiva said...

on previous post i got the increment,but not the salary adjustment yet....

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: Haha, yup. Been breathing the air-cond air in the office way too much already.


@two horns child: Ooo... Care to share some recipes in your blog ?


@Ash Godiva: Hehe, someone's richer now.