Thursday, June 13, 2013

Make love to me.

Yes, the overly stressed mind needed a break.

This hence explained why I have been blogging pretty much lesser frequency compared to last time.

Been working till late at night the past 1 week.

Crazy ! But am still liking every but of it very much.

Oh ya, make love to me so that I can de-stress.

You see, the thing with this one-off flings, the guy will just really in for the really really short term fun. I know a fling is all that, but why can't we take time and enjoy it ?

What's the hurry, rushing and all ?

It's like when you kiss, you kiss. Not that you kiss, and bite leaving all those hickies on my body.

Now, I got to cover up real tight.

One thing for sure, you can tell a guy is really into it when his shaft & nipples are as hard as a rock.



Leo Nut said...

Hahaha!! Love the last line. =P

Twohornschild said...

True... and... does that means you just got flung??

Ash Godiva said...

take the time,enjoy and cuddle:D

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Haha, it's the truth.


@two horns child: Haha, yup. Turned up and down, inside out, then only got flung.

@Ash Godiva: Haha. Ya, that's exactly what I wanted.


Skyhawk said...

Hahahaha...long time no see!

Chen Xing said...

@Skyhawk: Wow !!! And I am like OMG.

Hahah, nice to see you here again.