Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Every eye candy you see, can be your potential crush.

It takes 3 common interests to strike, most time it's a game of finding the right combination.

Always we tend to look away from the confined area, little did we know that the three common  interests are already there.

Look closer, and select properly.

Of course the more common interests you have, the higher the points you will get.

So there's this one guy whom I have been chatting with today, and indeed a small world.

He is like working at the neighbouring building, and he knows my colleague (indeed a small world). Works in the almost same industry and from what I can see - I think he got most traits in my checklist.

Oh well, it's only a day !

 So I walked over to my colleague's place and asked her about this guy.

At first, she gave me a pep talk. Telling me that the guy is somewhat like me, meaning the same kind of personality.

After a moment, she called me up and told me to give the guy a chance. Get to know him...

I know it's only a day, I wonder what will happen if I bump into him like tomorrow or sometime this week...or in the near future...



Danny said...

selamat maju jaya :)
looking forward to some sweet posts :)

are-5th said...

ok. video really cannot tahan one. take me home. hinting is it?

Ash Godiva said...

aha!maybe you can ajak him to singing k and sang that song,or other songs,hehehe

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Haha, thank you.

@are-5th: Well, if only he reads my blog.


@Ash Godiva: One day, I will.