Thursday, February 14, 2013

This is probably the second big V, apart from Virginity.

Feeling the love in the air ?

Hehe, am just feeling that it's another ordinary day.

Couples who are celebrating, what's the story ? Doing anything tonight or, did anything special yesterday night ?

Well, as for me, headed out last night with friends for dinner. And every restaurant we walked by offered the Valentine's dinner set - pricey.

Just a catching up session with friends.

Talking about our single lives.

Oh ya, and it got me thinking. How many frogs do you have to kiss till you find the prince ?

Those lovey dovey couples out there, care to answer ?

Happy Valentine's Day.


Unknown said...

Can't even find a frog to let me try T___T

JokerPJ said...

Why frog leh... slimy slimy de... puppy can?


Danny said...

happy vogiu day to u :)

Mr ET said...

reversely... I think I am the frog.... well, happy valentine and happy cny to u.

tuls said...

i dont kiss with flings one kinda think of it.. haha.. oh well.. :)

and no, i made him dinner and thats about it.. :( got haagen dasz ice cream la bought for 50% off, RM11 nia.. no flowers, no nothing.. just sex.. can arr? lolllll

Da Closet Guy said...

Happy belated V Day! Everyday should be V Day celebrating with everyone's loved ones (:

Haven't kissed any frogs. Probably that's why... @•@

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Y: Normally, they will come out after the rain.


@JokerPJ: Puppy, cannot. Later will turn to a beast.

Slimy easier, natural lube.


@Danny: Thank you. You too !!!

@Whizkid: Ok, then one day time you will turn into a Prince Charming.


*I think me too a frog. Sigh...

@tuls: Can, so long you guys did something together.

How was the sex ? Care to blog about it ?


@Da Closet Guy: Not even tadpoles ?


Da Closet Guy said...

I'm still waiting for the one to give away my first kiss? Lol... Yeah... Not even a tadpole... @•@

Chen Xing said...

@Da Closet Guy: Hmm, if that's the case...I supposed you are dedicated to your work or you are young (in your early 20s) ?

alvin_t said...

kiss them .. and if they don't turn out to be prince charming .. you can always make them frog porridge ..

Chen Xing said...

@alvin_t: Haha, but I don't really eat frog porridge.