Sunday, December 16, 2012

It wasn't the typical Saturday.

I woke up late, and decided to head out for a little shopping spree at a nearby mall.

Hmm, got myself pretty much nothing except for a sweater.

Few weekends of shopping around, I still can't find the perfect shirt which I have pictured it in my mind.

Oh well, shopping is never easy. Probably another round next week.

After a few hours of strolling, I left the building and dropped by my aunt's place for dinner.

Headed back home after that, and got myself freshen up for another night out.

Like I said, it's not the typical Saturday. Hence even the place that I am heading to, it's out of the norm.

Yup, went to the Big Bad Wolf sales and spent around 3 hours there.

Bought books to fill my free-time, and probably enough to last me for the coming 6 months.

A lot of non-fictional read, sad in a way that I should have looked for more fictional books. If mom's coming, then probably will drop by there again next week.

Two more weeks till the ends of 2012.

So, how was your weekend ?


JokerPJ said...

Books wor~

And happen after that Woolf thing?


J-boy said...

check your fb and email haha ;)

Mr ET said...

***mouth big wide open*** what time were you at the big bad wolf? I was there from 3-5pm

Ash Godiva said...

me?i got headache for half day for saturday:-/

Da Closet Guy said...

I feel like going to the book sale again, even though I don't read books! (:

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Nope. Happened before. In fact was feeling it the whole day.

@J-boy: Haha. Replied.


@Whizkid: I was there during midnight.


@Ash Godiva: Managed to get it off ? How ?

@Da Closet Guy: You should. Well, maybe you haven't find the right genre of book.

Take sometime, once you find that book, reading can be addictive.