Sunday, December 2, 2012

There's nothing much to gossip about.

A weekend, all the time to myself.

Oh my, there's just so much you can do of the 2-off days. It's been a consecutive 2-week of working till late night and finally, I got myself to go walking around the mall for a jolly good old shopping.

Though was accompanied by a friend of mine, I guessed the whole therapy session can be done all by myself.

For a start, Friday evening was spent with all team members over dinner and continued with the weekly happy-hour unwinding drinking session.

And for Saturday, got myself to shop. Not for the sake of buying things which I don't need, but more of things that I will need in the very near future.

Taking full advantage of the Christmas sale, I bought a bag & a pair of shoes. Some facial masks, as well as replenishes my facial toner.

Shoes, clothes and most of the things were impressively cheap. Somehow, nothing appeal to me in terms of shirts & trousers.

As for today, a rainy Sunday - definitely the alone me time. Got a hair cut, and did the monthly errands. Paying bills, and laundry.

That's a productive weekend, ain't it so ?

Got to say, Glee's version - not bad. It's so festive and cheerful !


Unknown said...

Definitely a productive weekend compare to mine =(

Shopping..I'm getting ready for it!! Christmas sale..hmmm

Leo Nut said...

Christmas sales! I shall return and shop till i drop. =P

And OMG! Lets have a kiki is such a nice song but it kena glee.. =((

I prefer the original lo.. Where they say motherfucker. haha

Danny said...

oo? dah start xmas shopping eh?
new haircut? got new color or not? ;p

JokerPJ said...


Danny said...

thank u for posting the clip..
i'm now super OBSESSED with the song .. am going to teach it in the gym this week.. :)))))

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Y: Hurry, hurry. Sales everywhere and I am liking it.


@Leo Nut: Hehe, of course the original one encapsulates the real gay culture.

But then again, Glee's version is just so festive.


@Danny: Nope, no new colour. Just started first round, few more rounds to come.

Glad that you find the song interesting. We shall kiki during the Christmas weekend.

@JokerPJ: Posted already, in my Facebook.


JokerPJ said...



Inbox me =3

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Added.