Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Well, 2 days into the final month of the year - the working hour still the same like the past 2 weeks.

I got a little panicked, as it's already the final month. Hooray ! But somehow there are few more things still not done yet.

Can say that it's some sort related to the 2012 New Year resolution(s).

Hence, which got me into the below incident.

Accompanied a female colleague of mine to the clinic just now in the evening as she wanted to get medicine for her allergy (to peanut) reactions.

Poor girl, rashes over her arms and face.

Whole driving back to the office, we had a casual chat and I told her that I have never engaged in a serious relationship before. Never in my life and if you were to ask to describe what a gay "relationship" is...truth is, I can't tell as the take on relationship varies from one to another.

So when it got to her turn, she told me how she's trying to cope with the break-up. Having being separated for almost 7 months now and how she's trying to be by herself.

Tough, sad and lonely.

At the same time needs to be brave.

She then continued to add that she haven't have sex for like 7 months, and that's when she asked me: If you have been single all these while, meaning you haven't have sex for like XX amount of years ?

Oh my, I think I have a virgin face.

Do I ? What about you guys ?


Ash Godiva said...

people tend to see me as innocent,naive,goody goody boy but i'm the opposite!well 1 of the advantages is that they won't expect what i'm capable of;)

Mr ET said...

i am not so sure how u really look like, but, from ur past pix post, i cant tell how old u look.... maximum 17, i guess? virgin face i dunno... but young face, you sure do have

Danny said...

muka virgin at leads better than muka sundal kan?
mayb i should learn more from you .. how to maintain that ;p

savante said...

Nothing wrong with waiting for the right moment :) Don't get pressured into having sex just coz everyone else is supposedly doing it.

JokerPJ said...

Cutie pie, virgin face =3


So did you stun her with the truth? hehe

Unknown said...

virgin face O_O HAHAHAHAHA~ i duno whether does that exist..

Chen Xing said...

@Ash Godiva: Haha, true.


@Whizkid: Thank you.


@Danny: Can, shall teach you this coming 2 weeks time.

@savante: Aye aye, captain !

@JokerPJ: No, I did not. I still want to be perceived as virgin.


@Aaron Ng: Hahah, I think got.