Saturday, December 29, 2012

No more dark circles, no more puffiness and no more dull looking eyes.

Hehe, I think this is the most practical and useful Christmas present I have received this year.

Every now and then, I will pop these two pads into the freezer (for about 20 mins), then rest it nicely on my eyes.

A routine to be done at night. Perhaps twice a week ?

Initially when I unwrapped the present, I thought it's like a bra pad or something. Somehow, it's just too small to be a padding for the puppies.

Closer look, it's the eye-mask pad from Sephora.

Oh ya, did some reading on the eye-mask gel thingy and found out that:

  • Use cold for puffiness, fine lines & sagging skin.
  • Use warm for dark circles.

Big thank you to the Santa again !


Danny said...

so next time no need to use concealer for dark eyes circle la? ;p

Unknown said...

Damn!! How come I forgot got such thing and keep thinking just buy a concealer. THank you!! xD

I got so many masks but left out this..LOLL

Leo Nut said...

Let me know if it works! I nak get rid of my dark circles and puffy eyes.. lol

savante said...

Ooh nice! And two separate pieces!

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Haha, no need. Provided I use the mask every night.


@Shin Y: :)

@Leo Nut: Hmmm, remind me to review on it. Give me about a month to test it out.

Ok ?

@savante: Haha, yup. Easier to carry around also.