Sunday, December 9, 2012

I prescribed - shopping. Yes, it cures almost everything.

Woke up on a Sunday late morning, feeling slightly better with a little fever on my body. Tummy wise, all good.

So, was tossing and turning on the bed for like an hour, finally decided that I'll go shopping today. Got up, surfed the net for a while (for some inspiration) then headed for a shower. Dressed up, and drove out at about 1 in the afternoon.

Had a quick lunch, and made my way to Pavilion.

Yeah !!!

Though last weekend I did some shopping - it's been a while since I have my "me-time" in the mall. Easier to get things you want, and to shop following your own pace.

Today's mission was to shop for Chinese New Year clothing. I know it's 2 months away, but then might as well start now since it's the sale season. Hence next year's theme would be "Colour-blocking". That's also because after a moment of staring at my wardrobe, I realized that am lacking of colourful clothes to wear.

I ended up with 2 pants and 1 sweater. Happy, but still not enough. 

Guess I'll be shopping more frequent in the coming few weeks till I complete my personal "collection".

What about you guys ? 

Do you guys have a specific theme for new year's clothing ?


JokerPJ said...

I find that my closet macam no clothes...

Theme? erm, anything that makes me look slim =.=

Not waiting for New Year sales? haha

ooi2009 said...

i want an antidote to my sex life

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: clothes to wear ?

New Year sales will be another round for me. Hehe.

@ooi2009: You haven't been having sex for sometime already ?