Monday, November 19, 2012

Just wrapped up my Monday's work not long ago.

What a day indeed, and am feeling like a robot.

One week away from work, and the dear manager of mine didn't even care to follow up on my job. Oh well, I guess can't really blame the manager the resignation letter has been submitted to the management a month ago.

Best thing was, the manager went on MC last week and today. Now, I think the manager will just sit back and relax while counting down the final working day.

Should I be crying or jumping up and down cheerfully ?

Wondering whether will the company be providing the "support" or it's going to be a one-man-show come next year ?

I was told to carry on. Hang on a little longer, as there will be an "upgrade" according to the HR personnel. What sort of upgrade then? A promotion ? An Increment ? Or they will hire a new staff ?


Dinner was only 2 pieces of bread. Heading off  to shower in a moment. Another battle, coming up tomorrow.

Stay strong.


Ash Godiva said...

2...pieces of bread...if i'm nearby i will cook for you....:(

Leo Nut said...

Maybe you'll get his position after he leaves?

When i get back dinner with you la. We will eat 3 pieces of bread instead of 2. =P

ooi2009 said...

why is my boobs difficult to go smaller ? if like tat i cant hook up with u ! only when smaller i will try u

Chen Xing said...

@Ash Godiva: Yup, cause it was late and I don't want to go bed with a full meal.

@Leo Nut: Haha, hope so. 3 pieces each ?

@ooi2009: I don't know.