Saturday, November 17, 2012


It's all about food, and nothing else.

Resting on the couch, televisions all day long and hanging out with friends and family. What more can I as for.

Though it's near to a week getaway from work, I am glad too have come back.

Home cooked food was like everyday, by mum and aunt. Simply, appetizing and yummy to the stomach.

That basically summed up the entire getaway.

Will be heading back to KL later in the evening, and probably will only be going back again next year. In time for Chinese New Year celebration.

Oh yes, time is ticking and 1 more month, we'll be bidding 2012 goodbye.


rickycarter93 said...

Enjoy home for me too will u!!!

Drenched said...

Heh,dont take home-cooked food for granted.My mum never cooks and my relatives would only cook once in a blue moon,so count your blessings :)

JokerPJ said...

Please eat more!!! Eat everything if you have to!!! EAT MORE!!!

ooi2009 said...

ur a sexy beast ! eat more !

Chen Xing said...

@Eric Hah: Haha. Food was yummy.


@Drenched: Haha, ya. That was supposed to sound euphoric. I enjoyed home very much.

@JokerPJ: Why ? Because I need to put on more weight ?

@ooi2009: If I eat more, will turn into a fatty beast.