Friday, November 9, 2012

And then the celebration continues tomorrow.

I felt so much love.

So many cakes to eat, and so many birthday wishes from people around me.

Birthday song was sang, and candles were lit. Indeed a surprise move by the colleagues in the office. Caught me off guard, and I am happy to see that.

Closer look at the cake, there's a princess sugar-candy figure on top of it. Hmm...and they spelt my name with an extra letter. Love in the office.

And 2 cakes, from the people in the office.

That's the whole fun of it, laughed & smiled. Made a wish, and blew the candles.

Looking forward to tomorrow, as my close besties will be in town for another round of birthday celebration.

Have a great weekend everyone !


JokerPJ said...

Happy 16th birthday cute one =D

ooi2009 said...

cmon lah , ur 16th , bitch plse

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Thank cute. Fair one. Hehe...

@ooi2009: Ya, I am. At heart.

Unknown said...

happy belated bday chenxing!! =p all the best! xo!

Chen Xing said...

@Aaron Ng: Thanks.