Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh yay, am turning 16 again tomorrow.

Less than an hour to go, and it's the Birthday anniversary again.

Full blast celebration will be happening this weekend, and will spend it with my besties from home.

Yup, they'll be dropping by KL for the weekend. Can't wait for all the catching-up moment, and am glad that you guys decided to drop by.


A great day tomorrow - turning wiser, better and more independent person in life.

Despite being down and mellow the past 2 days, somehow I am not feeling that any more  That's probably because of a relationship story I read while blog hopping.

So sweet, and loving couple they are and I can only be happy (and not sad) on what I have read about their journey being together.

Worry no more, am looking forward to tomorrow ! 

Happy Birthday.


Unknown said...

Happy Early Birthday!! =D

16 again..woo~ ; )

Danny said...

happy sweet 16 ..
got party bo?

chaiminhuei said...

Happy birthday! Have yourself a great celebration!

Da Closet Guy said...

*Pop The Confetti*
Happy Birthday!! May you have many many returns of the day!! (:

J-boy said...


ooi2009 said...

happy old age . may ur wrinkles get to u sooner .

btw , i love with wrinkles too

ooi2009 said...

actually bitch , i loved u since the day u bought that gurkha(some indian costume ) last time , when u said it on ur blog , i was like " yay , a rare cina " ...so i basically love u lor

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: Haha, every year it's a 16.

Thank for the wishes.

@Danny: Thanks. Ya, will be partying tomorrow.

@chaiminhuei: Thanks.

@Da Closet Guy: Thank you.

@J-boy: Thank you. How's work ?

@ooi2009: Thanks.

Drenched said...

Happy Birthday :)

Chen Xing said...

@Drenched: Thank you. And thanks for dropping by my humble blog.