Thursday, October 4, 2012

I need my mojo back.

The past days of "ovulation" has made me into a lethargic person.

Oh boy, am in heat.

Somehow it's just a process where your antibody kicks in and fight away the sickness. Like I mentioned before, don't really like taking medicine unless it's required or the situation is unbearable.

As the working days slowly fading away and the sign of the weekend approaching, I got all jived up.

There's this spirit in me wanting a very very pampering weekend. Perhaps on Friday night, Saturday and maybe a little of Sunday.

What shall I do ? Eat ? Shop ? Club ?

Or just laze around ?

Read perhaps ?


And oh yes, at times like this. The club music will just come to play in your mind without any reason.

What about you peeps. What's the plan this coming weekend ?


JokerPJ said...

Meetings, classes, driving alone on long journey...

thats weekend so to speak >.<

Leo Nut said...

Laze around! =D

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: At least you are heading back home.


@Leo Nut: Hehe, that would be my Sunday's compulsory activity.