Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ya, can literally go listen to Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis now. It stings and the sensation is just so painful.

Can cry.

Here's the thing with sex, do it wrong and it will definitely come to hurt you.

So it was a rainy weekend, wet & moist. So comfortable moment to just laze around on the bed. Waking up late and just don't want to do anything.

Anything, except for sex.

An action in bed that no one can resist. It's cold anyway, somehow need to stay warm and loved.

Today didn't really feel like "fucking" but then still want the tender loving care and yes, it with him again.

Flavour was oral, with a lot of tongue action and occasionally with a little help of the ever skillful hands.

The long blowing job came to an end without pleasures for both party.

Perhaps he was overly excited till he causes the pleasuring moment turned to a blood bath. Somehow, the frenulum got injured and blood oozes out just like that.

It's painful when you try to clean it, somehow it's just so not beautiful sight to look at.

His mouth was covered in blood, as if we were in Vampire Diaries or Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

Now, just wondering how long will it takes to heal completely. Doctors, any advice ?



J-boy said...

Ouch! That part looks sensitive, especially when you pull it too much.. Hope you get well soon! And for now, just let it get the time off it needs!

JokerPJ said...

Oh my lord!!! O.O

Was it really bad?

Vincent~ said...

= =
you know,when u look back, it will b something to laugh abt.

tat's quite rough to b honest -_-

ooi2009 said...

hahahahaha !

eh , now thats what i call bleeding rough sex !

well if u had done it with me , u would have pure pleasure


savante said...

Ouch! Avoid teeth!

Care to have it checked? Is it still bleeding? The frenulum might need a stitch if it's badly torn.

Danny said...

kesian kau .. so ada balut ? make sure put a ribbon bow on it .. ;p
take care

Da Closet Guy said...

I can only imagine the sight and not the pain!! Take care and I wish you quick recovery. Well, it'll be an experience neither one of you will forget.

ooi2009 said...

i was insensitive , kiss me dear

Ms. F said...

Oh My Words!
That is painful!!
Hope you get well soon!

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Ya, and I am fighting every urge and temptations that are thrown to me.


@JokerPJ: Yes. That guy must have been thinking that I cummed a lot. Sadly, nope. It was the blood.

@Vincent~: And somehow, he should know the limit. I can't be nagging while he's blowing/handjob-ing reminding him to go fast.

Sigh...he's not to blame. I need to be more cautious next time.

@ooi2009: Ok, you laugh at me. I am sad now.


@savante: Stitching ? No......

The bleeding stopped after about 15 - 20 mins.

Now, I can still feel that the wound isn't healed yet.

@Danny: Hahaha, pink colour ribbon bow. With black polka-dot.


@Da Closet Guy: True. And I do hope for a speedy recovery as well.

@Ms. F: Thanks. Keep you guys posted, on the progress ? Hehe, stick around.

Aiks, "stick" !!!