Monday, October 15, 2012

A cloudy day with a cold pouring rain down the sky.

That's the kind of weather you'll get when you know that it's the final quarter of the year.

It's kind of joyful feeling with the moisture in the air though it's not a full-day treat. Am happy that the surrounding is not that hot any more.

Little drops of rain is what I need to continue thriving.

Today, sort of "bumped" into him again during lunch. Not that I intended, but when I looked into the restaurant, saw him sitting there with his colleagues, face facing the opposite direction.

And embracing the Monday theme, he's wearing a blue shirt. How smart and charming !

It's a little weird, I don't know him. A complete stranger and am already acting like a crazy-in-love fool.

Perhaps it's the thrill and excitements of wanting to know him makes me blush, putting a skip to my heartbeat.

It's always after lunch, having unintentionally "bumped" into him, I lost my focus at work.



J-boy said...

hahaha sounds just like me! I have crazy random crushes all the time!

Just dreaming about the day he walks up to you and says hi!! :3 :3 :3

ooi2009 said...

do u have pimples and scars on ur skin as well ? what abt man boobs and all the other unsightly features?

Chen Xing said...

@J-boy: Probably because we are the hardcore fans of "Love at first sigh" ?

Sigh, am still waiting for that day...

@ooi2009: Yup, I do have. As for man boobs, nope.

All I can say, I am feeling good about myself.

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: And you should too, be feeling good about yourself.