Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I have been reading a self-help book the past weeks and few more chapters to go till I finish it.

Somehow when I am not reading it, I feel kind of sad and uninspired. 

Something's just not right in me.

The book is full of positiveness, teaching you how to shape a positive mindset. From the intention to the thinking process and how you put those ideas into executional action plan.

It's also about setting goals and achieving it.

Reasonably easy to digest, and as I go along reading it, I gained valuable insights to life. A perfect companion and reading material, right before bedtime.

This particular week, I think I've been kind of hard to myself. Though workload is manageable, I have this perception that I am under-performing.

Got overly sensitive as a simple email from Client, I took it as an attack.


Maybe it's not them, and it's me. Me thinking too much ? 

What can I do at work to not think about work ? 


Shake Trees said...

hihi... i duno wat ur client wrote so cant say who wrong. at work u had to think abt work. work is not work. its how u work it n not the work works u up the wall. got it ah? lol...

Leo Nut said...

Usually its over thinking one lo. That time i got told by my manager i was under performing also. I got pretty emo after that then she told me "Let it go, and work harder". =D

malimo said...

Get more books to read maybe?

Twohornschild said...

Sorry Wrong Identity!! Hahah...anyway....

Because when you read in your mind you are helping yourself. So you feel that you are doing something constructive hence the heightens of your emotions. When you are not reading it's time to execute what you read to help yourself and that takes time. Results won't happen in a day.You don't see the result or what you have imagined while reading, hence the moody moments. Execute what you think may help yourself and be patience. When you have taken the first step? Plant a virtual plant in your mind and imagine it grow every time you have done another thing to help yourself. Until it flowers.

Twohornschild said...


Chen Xing said...

@Koala Express: Yup. I'll make it work no matter what. And will continue to work on improving whatever I am working on.


After looking back, I think I was over reacting.

Anyway, thanks for dropping by my humble blog.

@Leo Nut: Agreed. I was emo that time, and got myself to over thinking mode.

@malimo: Probably. I find my day more satisfying if I read before I go to bed.


@two horns child: Maybe I have yet to decide on what I really in life.