Sunday, October 28, 2012

Lets face it.

It's not really a big a deal here, in this country - unless it's on a weekend and there's a reason to put up a notch on what you are dressing.

Halloween, as you know it's only the kind of celebration celebrated by people from the west. Whereas for people on the east,  it's kind of taboo to or bad luck to be associated ghost, death & superstitious being. 

Somehow, too much of it will yield more negative chi.

What about me ? Well, unless it's in a big group and there's a party - then of course I will have to comply with the dress code.

In which now, I am cracking my head on what to wear for my costume. Don't have to be a head-to-toe costume, but then something that I can blend in for the office-occasion.

I can go all out, but then bare in mind it will be on a weekday (means I will still need to be professionally appropriate). Arghhh...what it later there are only few of us who dress up ?

It will definitely be kind of weird.

Any idea on simple costume/character for me ?

Loving her as Kali.


Unknown said...

Ermm..just buy a cute or scary mask?

rickycarter93 said...

I'm thinking I should be a pregger zombie or a crazy scary clown. Definitely no make up for me! It's Halloween! it is a celebration! Being whatever we like without fearing what others might judge! LOL

J-boy said...

Awwww Heidi used to dress up with Seal right! Love their crazy outrageous outfits.. Now she's probably got to do it solo...

ooi2009 said...

ur cute .

Leo Nut said...

The zombie face paint thing seems to be so common this year but i did it in 09.. Haha, go as a hot hunk wearing nothing but sauna towel tightly wrapped, revealing the shape of the hidden goodie underneath which i would consider as a "treat". =P

JokerPJ said...

some super hero outfit? lol~

Chen Xing said...

@Shin Yong: I got something cute instead. Hehe...

@Erich Hah: Yup. Initially wanted to cross dress, but that will be overly bold.


@J-boy: Yup, hence Cleopatra. Powerful woman icon.

@ooi2009: Thanks. Are you cute as well ?

@Leo Nut: Hot hunk ? Me ? Where to get the 6-pack abs suit ?


So, you want trick or treat ?

@JokerPJ: I don't have a superhero body to pull it off.


Leo Nut said...

Send me a pic and it would be consider a treat to me, and i would find a way to "trick" you.. LOLOL