Saturday, October 6, 2012

The clock hit 6, time to pack and call it a day.

That's a wrap for another working week.

Oh wow, indeed fast. The week was a mixture of free and easy, sometimes busy kind of schedule. Not complaining, loving it. Loving it in the new office indeed.

As all headed down the elevator, walking towards the nearby pub or at times to the regular spot. It's time for happy hour drinking session with the colleague.

Sometimes, a little alcohol will do you good - mind, body & soul.


Well, that would be the ideal Friday evening. Let loose and welcoming the weekends.

Instead, we opted to be in the office till 8-ish as traffic can be a pain the ass especially on a Friday evening. Oh well.

Having the me time, I suddenly recalled that guy I saw during lunch hour.


I logged on to my Facebook, did a little investigation work and voilĂ , found him.

Though the profile kind of restricted, I am glad at least I got to know his name and a little about his work details.

Stalker I am, but I have a feeling that will be seeing him more often around the area.