Monday, September 24, 2012

You must never ask.

No details to spare, a non-verbal engagement.

Putting you and him, in an enclosed space. Dimming the lights, nicely scented air as well as a breezy atmosphere - a perfect blend for a romantic session.

The soft cushion based support to you and him, it's just so right. As steady as we moved on top of it, it didn't squeaked a sound. 


Slowly, he started to place his skin closer to yours. Gently, caressing the right part of your body. Romancing you. It's been a while.

You got all pumped up, breathing quicker.

As he got closer, glueing him to you, a tingling sensation was felt from toe up to the head.

You are ready, surrendering your body to him.

The love making was indeed gentle and full of care. Occasionally, he would stop and ask. Are you feeling alright ? Continuing with a rhythmic momentum, thrusting with a pace that you can never resist.

This, carried on for about 30 minutes. Each seconds with pleasure and satisfaction.

He increased his thrusting, indicating that he's about to climax. He flipped you over, he's on top and you are resting facing the bed.

Slowly, closing your eyes and feeling him inside you. He released, body dropped to yours, panting heavily.

"You cummed ?" breaking the silence, you asked him the question. He nodded, and carry on with the thrusting.

As you have reached the seventh heaven, you stopped him, and asked him to pull it out.

"Don't be greedy."

He smiled upon hearing this. You and him, then cuddled. Hugging each other while kissing.

What a kiss.

To be continued...


JokerPJ said...

was turn on reading what you wrote >.<

You should write a book =D

Danny said...

yerr ..why berepisode-episode one ?
can't wait la .. ;p

Leo Nut said...

Ooooo!! <3 <3

chaiminhuei said...

Suspense giler! :3

J-boy said...

I want this scene to be in a movie haha :P

Ash Godiva said...

i'm turned on reading your post,we want more!:D

Chen Xing said...

@JokerPJ: Aiks, I don't think so am qualified to write.

Am just merely sharing.


@Danny: Hahah, because it's a memory that I would love to capture in my blog.


@Leo Nut: Just updated with the continuation.


@chaiminhuei: Lol, don't be.

@J-boy: And who will cast to be the actors ?

@Ash Godiva: Hahah, want more ? More is what you get.