Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Which one comes first ?

So, here's the thing that has always been on my mind and it's not that I am close to feel the below situations.

Nope, nowhere close and it's just a random though occurred to me earlier today.

So my questions are:

Do you get to know a person damn well first, then only form a relationship. (If you have already fully known him, then what is there to discover when you guys are in a relationship ?)


Form a relationship bond first, then grow to know each other day by day. (This however, seems to be sort of romantic and sweet. Full of risk, and hope as well.)

Either way, it will only end up in 2 possibilities.

A happy couple in a happily ever after setting.


Broke-up as both realized that they are not compatible.

So, which way would you prefer ?

Care to share ?


rickycarter93 said...

Possibility on both situations does happen. I suppose this is just how others wanna handle what they really wanna do or decide to do. Which ever way, it is some sorta put two people's love to the test. Either way, we all just wanted a happy ending dun we?

What I think is let life unfold all the surprises to us. Love is from the heart. Not the mind that decide for it. Love is something beautiful isn't it? Even there will be risk and all, soon after the healing, it is still beautiful. Faith is the key I think. Hahah.. Dun think I make sense here. LOL

J-boy said...

hmmmm for me.... I think usually it's the 2nd option that's more likely, coz I tend to fall for someone I just met and don't know that well yet. Whereas guys that I've come to know a long time, and if we are still friends, that probably means I wasn't that interested (romantically) with him to start with hahaha.. Guys that you know damn well are great friends.. and it becomes weird to be with them coz they are kind of like family already lol :P

Twohornschild said...

Usually No.2 happens more commonly but No.1 Tends to last longer cause when you already know each other then during the relationship you will spend time adapting cause you are comfortable with each other already. Then No,2 is just gonna give you surprises that "maybe" one cannot tolerate then what? I will always opt for No.1 More than No.2 then again everything has probability like Eric says.

By the way egg comes first cause through evolution dinosaurs have to lay a new breed of "egg" to have "chickens"

soul232 said...

I take #2. If the feeling is really genuine, knowing him in detail is just a bonus. After all, a relationship is a game of compromise. So even if he is loaded with some shortcomings, I'll take it :)

chaiminhuei said...

I'd say, do both at same time? Know a person sloely while 'forming a relationship' slowly too?

ooi2009 said...

i want ur eggs .....anyway , i dont have time to wonder abt the options coz im not hot enuf anyway

Ash Godiva said...

i prefer with Min Huei's method:D

Chen Xing said...

@Eric Hah: Nope, it hit me when you mentioned "love to the test".

And am still studying it hard to get an A.


@J-boy: Hehe, love at first sight.

How you anyway ? It's been a while since you last blogged.

@two horns child: Then, where did the dinosaurs came from then ?

@soul232: Sometimes, it's the shortcomings that make the love stronger.


@chaiminhuei: Both ? Aiks, can I ? I don't to be greedy when it comes to me & him.

@ooi2009: Eggs ? You like it sunny-side up, hard-boiled or soft-boiled ?

Well, I'll decide whether you are hot or not when I have your pic in my email inbox.

Am waiting...

@Ash Godiva: :)

the viennamese said...

Hmm. I guess it's wishful thinking that there are options for you to choose from. In reality, when it happens, it happens. You could be in either situation. And then you just pray that it works our for the best. Just my 2¢

Chen Xing said...

@Ev. C: Yup, you are. It comes just like that.