Friday, September 14, 2012

It's always like this.

Every time when you have decided to go on a break, work will just keep pouring in like a running water tab.

It was a busy work week (at least towards the end of it) for me.

Wednesday, was busy attending to Clients who dropped by our new office space. And today, rushed like mad on deadline and getting stuff out.

A little hiccup along the way, damn those printer in the office. Couldn't print a single document, devastated as I'll have to refer from the laptop screen itself. Open document, read, minimize window & repeat the cycle.

Time consuming, but that's the only way to solve it till the IT guy come and fix it.

Well, at least now I can sit back and relax. Looking forward to the trip back home.

Ahh...feeling like a kid again.



rickycarter93 said...

Safe journey home!

Leo Nut said...

Exactly!! Like my work is just pilling up right before and AFTER the semester break.. -.-''

Anonymous said...

couldn't agree more. life would have been much more easier without work. lol just saying.

Ash Godiva said...

my new dept don't have much work but have lots of meeting

ooi2009 said...

yeah ......why do chinese guys also have smelly farts

JokerPJ said...

And... its done!!! Happy weekend and pleasant journey home =)

Twohornschild said...

Have a safe journey Xing!!

Chen Xing said...

@Eric Hah: Thanks. Hope you are doing alright !


@Leo Nut: But then again, just right before the very last minute...we would be able to get it done before the break.


@I-Zach: Hmm, but without work...I think my life will not be interesting at all.

You are studying or working now ?

@Ash Godiva: How's the new place ? So you are back in your hometown ?

@ooi2009: I don't know.

@JokerPJ: Thank you. How's your weekend so far ?

@two horns child: Thanks.