Thursday, August 9, 2012

What will you do if...

People tell you that you are not passionate enough in your work.

People tell you that you have no initiative at all in your work.

People tell you that you are not being serious in your work.

People tell you that you are not a fast learner in your work.

People tell you that you are always being spoon-fed in your work.

And worst still..

People tell you that you must leave the company, here's the letter, goodbye in 3 months time.


Danny said...

then you should thank him/her for giving you an opportunity for a better future :)
cheers.. n take care

Vincent~ said...

depends on whether i am really put in any effort or not, if i am framed... i will b damn sad and piss off.

what can i say? i am human.

I doubt i can even thank him like wad danny proposed. >_<

soul232 said...

If everything is done according to the contract, then I will take my leave gracefully. If not, there's no way I'm going down without making lot of fuss and mess first =D

After all, like vincent, I am a human, not a saint XD

are-5th said...

at first i'll go extremely mad. then i'll do sort of like checklist with myself whether i really do make all those mistakes and if there's a way i can rectify it. if i didn't do any of the mistakes, let's just say i won't go down without a fight =)

Leo Nut said...

WTF? Its that stupid manager right?? HMPH!!

One door closes, another huge ass gate opens! =DD

Hugs.. :)

chaiminhuei said...

Then leave. It's just not a correct fir, so it's better for you to find somewhere more appropriate, and them to find someone else more suited.

Don't worry!

ooi2009 said...

yup , im not hawt

never as hawt as u , and tuls , and probably the rest of you bloggers

JokerPJ said...

Time to move forward =D

someone told me the same thing few months ago, I took a big gamble and took off... I can say, I am happy with my decision =D

Twohornschild said...

Owh...just front of them and leave. Then again don't freak out....Keep calm and find another job. Vast opportunities are waiting for you. Don't worry. My tightest hugs to you.

Ash Godiva said...

search for other place more cruel,giving 1 month notice instead of 3 months...

kiddystick said...

JUST LEAVE, you'll find a better place to work in

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Yup. But then again, one must have did something not right, that's why he/she was asked to leave. Correct ?

@Vincet~: That person wasn't being framed. In fact, countless of chances has been given but then that person just couldn't respond well to it.

@soul232: Yup, I mean the company could have just given that person 1 month notice base on the contract but then they are kind, they gave 3 instead.

@are-5th: I don't think so that person take the matter seriously.


@Leo Nut: Babe, it's not me and it's not that manager. It's another person.

@chaiminhuei: Wokeh, will let that person know.

@ooi2009: :)

@JokerPJ: You are happy because you have been shopping. Hehe...

@two horns child: Thanks, shall extend that hug to that deary colleague of mine.

@Ash Godiva: Oh wow, 1 month ? I'll freak out.

@kiddystick: :)