Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here's the thing with yesterday.

It was a Monday, and am not feeling any blues at all. A typical Monday whereby I got up and went to work happily.

Yes, a lot of enthusiasm.

I like.

All went well the first half of the day, till right after lunch.

I got a text message. Took out the phone, and to my surprise it was from that guy crush friend of mine. Whom we used to be "close" but then now we just drifted apart and occasionally will only text each other. Of course, after 2 months of not talking, there's just so much to catch-up.

I got lots of updates from him on his life, and of course am sorry for things which happened to him. I can only sympathize, and send him well wishes - nothing really much I can do.

I shared some updates of mine, and then out of sudden he came telling me that he recently got to know my colleague. Surprise !

Ok, so what's the big deal ?

I mean you and I aren't really close of a buddy, and I am not really close to that colleague of mine, so why are you telling me this ?

You asked about him, of course it's unprofessional for me to say things behind the colleague's back.

What more you want from me ?

The conversation got diverted for a moment, then you came back to the "colleague of mine" topic again and asked me to keep the "relationship" between you & I off from my colleague.

I was like, huh ? Why ? You have something to hide ? Or it's something we did in the past ?

Why must you dictate my freedom of speech and expression ? And it's like, I already know what kind of person that colleague of mine is and now it shows.

Oh well, birds of the same feather flock together.