Tuesday, July 17, 2012

If you put in the work drama in context, I can handle it.

Whether it's from colleagues or from the manager, I'll play along.

Well, it's been a tough and busy week, day seems longer than the night. Meetings after meetings, till there wasn't really enough time to get things out and running. Perhaps the catchphrase, divide and conquer wasn't really being embodied by certain party.

Hence, the one-man show running the entire show.

As of today, I was kind of facing some family issues here.

I know that each family will have their own problems, hence it's really needless for me to explain.

To sum it up, mom's mom got into the hospital and dad's mom isn't really well taken care off.

Am seriously not quite sure, do I pack bags and go back for the weekend. Leaving work and responsibilities behind. To see the elders, and affirming them that they aren't alone facing their struggling times.

Though I have sort of pre-empt my manager about my situation, I just don't want to play the pity card as it's been widely abused by the manager herself.

I am seriously clueless now. And if only there's someone right beside me now, I would then cuddle and wait for him to tell me that it will be alright.


Twohornschild said...

It's alright really. These problems...wait...it's matter.. more than problems will come to ones life no matter how. I think you should go back in the weekend and make sure everything is at it's best interest. Maybe it would not be arranged by you but at least you are there to see it first hand that they are gonna be okay. At times like that you should stay calm and think wisely. Don't be scare. My hands on your chest to calm your heart down and a hug from the back to keep you warm. You shall slep well and have a good rest. Don't worry. :)

Leo Nut said...

I think no matter what family is important.. Like what 2HC(can i call him that?) says, take the weekends to see them?.. I don't think you should throw your work away.. lol.. I'm not sure what i'm saying..

are-5th said...

i agree with leo but and two horns child. work will always be there. just take the weekend off to see them =)

JokerPJ said...

Stay strong~

Seems like everyone wants/needs a piece of you... but do take good care of yourself.


Chen Xing said...

@two horns child: Yippiee !!! Am going back home this weekend.

Thanks much for the much needed "presence".


@Leo Nut: Work wise, I planned ahead on few jobs. And will be going back on Friday night, so work isn't going to be affected.

@are-5th: Family comes first. That's the truth.


@JokerPJ: Thanks.