Friday, July 6, 2012

Scene: The loo a.k.a toilet.

Here's the thing, I got to admit that I am cubicle-chick rather than the stand-alone urinal ranger when it comes to watering the plant.

I noticed quite a number of times, when I came out from the cubicle the ultra "straight" guy will tend to move closer to the wall while peeing.

I mean, can't you position yourself properly in away that you'll feel the privacy when shooting the frog ? Yes, am gay but that doesn't mean I'll take a look at your junk intentionally.

You don't have to show the sudden shift of body weight in front of me, it's as if I am a hungry-for-d*cks kind of gay guy. No, am not. There's a certain poise and standard I need to keep up with.

It's like we work in the same office, and that kind of action to me, translates to an insult. Sorry if you are homophobic but if you want to pee, by all means pee and be done with it.

Hence, please, next time around please use the urinal "confidently".


Leo Nut said...

Hold your pinky to their faces and go "I don't go after penuts, don't worry.", then walk away and risk getting a warning letter.. LOL!!

I can only use the cubicles too.. Don't like the urinals. So open.. ><

soul232 said...

next time, walk closer behind their back and acts as if u are reaching out ur hand..mwahahaha =P

malimo said...

I like urinal better, it's quick and easy
I dun care about other guys whether he wants to stuck his head into the loo

I'm not interested to see a peeing penis, if they wanna see mine then be prepared to show theirs, muhahaha...

In contrast, B likes the cubicle,

Chen Xing said...

@Leo Nut: Ya, the urinals make you feel so naked.

Well sometimes when the cubicles are all occupied, I will use the urinals instead.

@soul232: Hahahah, that's creepy.

@malimo: Opposite attracts ?