Thursday, October 20, 2011

They say that in life you got to always walk with your head held up high.

No matter what the situation is, when you walk, be sure to grace the path that you are walking with a strong presence.

An apple or a book, placed on your head indeed can be a great practice to learn the correct walking posture.

Strut the runway, sashay and carry yourself confidently.

Yikes ! I hunch and the whole back-bone is somewhat shifted slightly to the right. Hence giving the illusion of a bigger right hip on me.

Been having this signature posture pretty much the whole high school life up till now. Consciously trying to correct the posture each time people pointed it out to me, but then always the old habit comes back subconsciously.

And now, I am having the need to really change the way I walk, the way I stand and the way I relaxes my shoulder.

Should I go see a hot Chiropractor for this treatment ?


Le Chatelier said...

U should, there is one, but still studying in IMU wor. Really hunky :-)

chaiminhuei said...

Chest out, shoulders back, and don't pose so much. Oh, and exercise more, it helps with posture.

tuls said...

i got 2 bottom twink friends studying that! hehe.. you wanna give it a try?? eh wait.. you atas ke bawah? lol

Danny said...

better to get consulted.. see how 1st..
also try doing some young or stretching based classes la.. i think i will help a bit geh..

worse come to worse .. go find Ampang Next Top MOdel ( u know who rite? ) .. he'll make sure that u walk str ;p

Deicidal said...

wah, joking u senget jer... this senget really no joke...

ooi2009 said...

abt urur last comment , why cant u have friends , ur quite nice wat ....thats why u shud try other race frens also , then u can intro them to me ...btw are U A BANANA /?

Leo Nut said...

Some "Bones" cannot be fixed with a chiropractor wor.. Or can it?... XD

Chen Xing said...

@Le Chatelier: Lol, perhaps I'll make an appointment with him first. I'll wait till he graduates then.


@chaimunhuei: Alright, got to admit that am not a big fan of exercising. Perhaps, I'll need to live an active lifestyle from now on.


@tuls: Me ? I sit on the fence.


@Danny: You help me ? How ? Ok, I go find you then after the runway lesson, can have photo-shoot.


@Deicidal: I know, am so used to it till it's my signature posture already.

No good !

@ooi2009: Yes, I am. And I like to eat banana too.


@Kaylex (CK): Indeed some "bones" can't be fixed by a chiropractor, but some boners can be fixed by me.