Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 more months till the end of 2011 and I'm going to live it joyfully.

Bubbly. Smile. A perfect act to end the year.

It's going to be an all upbeat and musical vibe in me for the week ahead and its all in preparation for the coming weekend. An event, which I can't wait for it to happen and we shall see what's in for all the surprises.

Can't wait to get under the skin and be comfortable again.

Happy Halloween ! And again, I didn't play dress up this year but just being myself.


Leo Nut said...

Woopie goldberg ftw!! Im suprise i know most of the songs! haha, awesome medley!! XD

Danny said...

whts so happening next weekend?
ur birthday ahh?

ooi2009 said...
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ooi2009 said...

how can i find new guys ah ? any tips to tell me , other than grindr and mp?

Chen Xing said...

@Kaylex (CK): Yup. Funny in a way. I spent my last weekend watching Sister Act 1 & 2.


@Danny: Hehe..don't want to say anything yet about next week.

@ooi2009: To be frank, me myself also still looking. But then one thing for sure, you must not give up in this quest.

Ok ?