Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jessie J sings "It's not about the money, money, money" and another song in the 90s will have the line "It's all about the money".

So which message to take in ?

Trying to live a life of moderation nowadays indeed can be as equally expensive as living the life of the rich and famous. There are just so many commitments to put in your pocket and at times when you try to edit out items which you can really live without it, you got yourself into a hard time making the list.

I crawled right back up from the pothole I fell into but then not completely out from it yet. Sad to say, for some rich kids, money can still be a funny thing to them. And trust me, seeing it clearly how money is put to waste on a daily basis.

Little boy, you can never have enough of it.

I managed to be discipline and plan well financial wise, but then got exceeded when it comes to one thing.


I tend to be very generous when it comes to the above. I'll eat and don't mind treating the growing tummy plenty of food that taste great as I want to tell myself that I deserve it (Perhaps this is my way of de-stressing ?). Deserve the great taste, the nice ambience and keep myself up-to-date in the social scene.

Good food, good company and a good life.

Though it's not a daily thing, eating out will still be costly.

Hence, I am planning to make a change in order for me to sustain and at the same time to also increase my monthly savings. Trying to venture out by doing some freelancing work.

I am good in art, design, telling jokes, dressing up and managing pieces of communications.

Any suggestions on what I can do part-time ?


ooi2009 said...

u shud try babysitting , or teaching i was watching an erotic french movie called antanas . The thing tat i liked about this movie was that the lead had a normal body , but was masculine , with some chest fuzz , and a huge bush , i seem to be turned on with that ,why ah ? most of my chinese frens dun like hair on the guy but i like it , do u suggest i date non - chinese guy with a macho-fuzz kinda thing ?Do u like fuzz on a guy ....plse advice ok ,abt the last comment , ur not my bitch , tuls is my bitch

chaiminhuei said...

The best way is to have friends who are trying to save too. :)

Danny said...

at least spending money on food to reward urself is not a bad thing.. once a while ok la :)

hmm.. design .. as in graphics? cos sometimes i pay ppl to do the artwork for me.. maybe u can help :)

Justb3cks2 said...

Well, live a meaningful life!.

Tip: Savings alone wont make us rich. In our country - where the rich getting richer n the Poor getting POORER, we need to learn how to INVEST.

savante said...

Set aside a little bit at the beginning of the month. Maybe a tenth or less of your pay.

Chen Xing said...

@ooi2009: If that's the case, I think you would enjoy Indian men ? Don't you think so ?


@chaiminhuei: Agree, but I got to admit that I don't really have a big circle of friends to select.


@Danny: That's what I used to uphold until people said that I am eating to feed the depression.

Yup, visual design.

@Just B3cks: Investing is where I really need to educate myself to do. I am totally clueless when it comes to this.

@savante: Thanks. Been doing it for the past couple of months, but then somehow when the middle of the month approached...I'll abuse it.