Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's a joyous beat, up-tempo melody and groovy moment.

No particular reason to call for a celebration, but somehow I am in tune to get up and groove. I don't know whether I am a little old fashion as per say or simply just appreciating the yester-year's musical era.

Accomplishment. Joy of satisfaction.

Perhaps that's how I de-stress after a day's work, and also thinking of the fact that after nearly a year of talking, I am still pretty much single right at this moment. I know a lot of you guys will say that things like this can't be forced, hence this is why I am putting a lot of love into my work.

When there's this uncertainty of emptiness in you, of course you will feel desperate in filling up the void. Question is, are you going to fill it up with someone or something that you are passionate of ?

My answer is, passion first for now as finding the right one can be tough. At least at the end of the day, I know that I still have my work that I can be proud of and also the feeling of excitement that I can look forward to the next day.

Let us feel young again with the tune above. And if you are alone in your room right now, dance with it, sing with it and most importantly be good above yourself.

Now, isn't this the best time of your life ?


Leo Nut said...

Time will bring the one to fill your emptiness. :)

And your song choices is not old la.. Better then all the current songs about sex and alcohol. I grew on Abba! XD

Danny said...

that's a very good positive thinking.. :)
i prefer " voulez-vous " .. more vogiu and gatal ..lol ;p

ooi2009 said...

refering to ur last comment on me . i actually want to say im in need of a lot of patch ups . I am not hawt . And i am not as young as you think . I m not sure how old u are , but i think ur hawt , much more than me lah

Chen Xing said...

@Klex: Lol, Klex..how you did it ? Care to share ?


@Danny: I don't want to be "gatal". I just want to be treated as a queen.


@ooi2009: How old are you ? Don;t be so hard on yourself, got to cheer up.


Danny said...

u r too young for queen la .. princess is more suitable :)

Chen Xing said...

@Danny: Lol..yup. A baby "princess" maybe.