Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aiks, I think I should really be flattered and thankful for all the comments given in the previous entry.

Somehow, I am being perceived as a young boy behind the computer screen. A very young champ, typing out all of his wildest imagination, real-life observation and sincere expression from the bottom of his heart.

No doubt I got to be thankful.

Being young physically and mentally, can be a tough act to pull off. And often, people will advise us to always be youthful and live a little "carefree" life as life is just too short to be put to waste (I know it sounds cliché, but it just applies in this context).

Oh well, I am not really that young as being imagined by you guys, perhaps it's just the casual tone and manner used in the writing of this blog. Am about to go through a quarter-life crisis and will be hitting that number very soon.

In fact, most of the time when I go to club, the bouncer at the entrance will surely ask for my ID and in fact just last weekend they did it again to me. It's alright, everyone always wish to be a kid again and so do I.

Somehow, it's a charming feature to add to my personality, and I hope that I'll maintain it once in a while.

Young, and fresh, those are the keywords I supposed.

More pictures anyone ?  Lol !!!


chaiminhuei said...

You are who you want to be. Don't conform to the perceptions of others.

Somehow, strangely, I also always get asked for ID at clubs (although I don't go much). I don't think I look that young.

J-boy said...

Yeah you do have the young look which is a good thing most of the time. But sometimes people may tend to not take you as seriously..

I have the opposite problem. I look old for my age. everyone says that lol. guess i'm not aging gracefully :P

tuls said...

i kena in genting nia.. clubs usually no problem cos i so tinggi but here in UK i kena check leh... cb see small asians! lol.. yala i not that tall in UK i know but lol.. we asians always look underage wtf..

ooi2009 said...

tuls , wait till i scan u , sure hawt one , btw chen xing , im uglier than u .....

Chen Xing said...

@chaiminhuei: I think it's a feature that we can use to advantage.


@J-boy: Are you sure ?

@tuls: Hahah, "We Asians always look underage" not for all Asians.

@oii2009: I don't think so. You are just being flirty right now.